Stiga serial numbers

Although Stiga woods were made by hand in Tranas quantity reached considerable amount. Perhaps for maintaining rackets’ individuality Stiga started to apply serial numbers from 1973-1975 – after the nailed handle period but before the bulbed era. On the bulbed rackets made from ~1987 you cannot find serial number. The serial was made up of a letter and a two digit number pressed into the side of the handle. At that time serial number was placed on even the weaker quality rackets like Stiga Europa.

Old Stiga Tabletennis Blade Serial

The first number was A01. As a matter of curiosity there in no higher number than 50 is known (If somebody has certain information on it, please, send a mail or photo) In case of reaching 50 the next letter of alphabet is used. There are letters used from ‘A’ to ‘I’ ‘and the serials never returned in a certain type. (eg.: Johansson offensive wood) Structure of serials on anniversary blades was different but you can read the details in Annyversay wood topic. Coming soon…