About Us

The past with old Stiga rackets

I have been involved in collecting, analyzing, experimenting old Stiga blades like Mellis, Flisan, Tony Larsson, Alser, Johansson, Neidert etc. for more than a decade. In Hungary they are very popular, respected and valuable reackets. At that time I found that many myths were circling around and since we had the chance to learn very much about the 50-80’s Stigas I decided to reveal clear information (genuine catalogues, pictures, blades). I established Hungarian websites, then finally oldstiga.com to spread my thoughts.

Master Palatinus

In the meantime I met Master Palatinus who knows not only old rackets’ (Perkošan, old Siga, ancient Butterfly, old Banda, Cor de Buy)  philosophy from the ex Yugoslavia. We did not know which is the better way but we knew we want to achieve something that steps ahead. At that time had been over with looking for the best wood and it was the first time around 2006 when Master Palatinus wrote down:

there is no best wood the wood fits you is the best

Fortunately he got huge help and encouragement from coach Istvan Szabo or Tibor Klampar and many pro players like his son Martin.

Oldstiga.com – the mark

Since my special table tennis website was very popular and we published all our figures via that website oldstiga.com had become our mark. This site was known as the place you can get genuine information about old Sigas and the source you can get Palatinus custommade rackets. In the custommade section you can fully customize a handmade table tennis blade that Master Palatinus makes for you. Many of old Stiga owners aksed us to make a spare blade or replacement blade instead of a broken one so you can see some copies in our portfolio but the majority of the rackets are individual designed blades as the customers wanted. Anyway with the serial and the Palatinus logo our blades cannot be mixed up with an old Stiga.


After years of building custommade blades our own philosophy an processes have matured enough to establish our own brand. After 2 more years of testing we branched out with our own brand OSP that we put all of our knowledge in and shorten the custommade 3-4 weeks waiting time into 4-6 days.

Thats all…