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Stiga Rubber Scale in 1976 with download

Stiga Table Tennis Rubbers in 1976Well… table tennis developed to so high level that became modern enough to make demands on not only wide scales of wood but also variety of rubbers. Since Stiga had no factory for producing rubbers it was Yasaka who made it for Stiga. Besides the early Cobra soft and backside products in 1971 Mark V rubbers appeared for specifically professional/competition play that’s performance preceding ‘older’ Stiga rubbers. Although rackets were considered as one unit rubbers could be bought individually. The catalogue you can download shows step by step how to install a rubber properly onto a wood.

[ilink url=”http://oldstiga.com/c/stigarubbers.pdf” style=”download”]Stiga Rubbers Catalogue 1976 (pdf 4MB)[/ilink]

An OSP blade for youngsters – Origo

The point where things start. A 5ply lighter blade to begin learning table tennis for children with the regular OSP feeling and veneer combination made of hand selected raw material. Origo has slightly smaller head made of 5.35mm thick lamina and smaller handle. This way we kept the balance to allow the continuity when switching to adult blades.

table tennis handmade blade custommade pingpong racket osp origo

How a handmade table tennis blade made? part 2

Its also about finishing. Many of old Stiga owners aksed us to make a spare blade or replacement blade instead of a broken one so you can see some copies in our portfolio but the majority of the rackets are individual designed blades as the customers wanted. Anyway with the serial and the Palatinus logo our blades cannot be mixed up with an old Stiga.

OSP Musko OFF Pro blade is ready to go out

We have just released our OSP Musko OFF PRO blade. We developed that racket for Peter Musko our National Champion 2010. He demanded very fast racket that provides power from much of the distances by using incorporated built in glue effect rubbers meanwhile he does not want to sacrifice other advantages covered by OSP blades. At the same time we built a new category that reflects it is a real weapon with very professional features. Musko OFF PRO can easily provide longer but still secured arc than Ultimate to push your opponent back and the head torque gives enermous speed if you want. This racket still delivers the information you need into your palm to feel and enjoy the game.

table tennis handmade osp musko offensive pro

Our third handmade standard model – the Expert

Here we are with our third OSP standard blade. We call it Expert. We recommend Expert for players who mix active & passive game with variety of allround, offensive & defensive movements. Due to its 160 mm head you will not feel lack of power even allround or pips out rubbers glued on. We also found that Expert is fine for hardbat combo.